Selasa, 23 September 2014

Listen : Broods - Bridges

I found this band and try to listen they song and I fall in love. On my headphone today : another their song "Four Walls".

Rabu, 11 Juni 2014

Short Gateway

I don't know when the last time I go holiday with my best friend. I traveling a lot these days, but for working.

I just have a three days for holiday. So I went to Yogyakarta, go to the beach. Beach always be my best remedy. Feeling so calm. 

I wish I can find myself back.

Jumat, 12 April 2013

OUTFIT | I Can't Get Enough

(Images From Tumblr)

Okay, so now I love fashion and I love make up. Good combination right? but there's something I'm afraid of, I can't get enough of this things. I don't know why I love a monochrome color such black, white, grey or metallic things like gold, silver and iridescent. Where I can get a transparent jelly bags? PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU KNOW!!!

Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

LIFE | Trying something new

My friend took some photo of me, he said he wants learn to be a photographer. So this is the result

This is so embarrassing that I'm not have a talent to be a model. Trying something new isn't bad, right? 

LIFE | Bitter Sweet

Wow, it's been 7 month I didn't post. My real life gave me a lot of experiences. Especially in the end of year. I broke up, feeling alone and no one understand what I feel seeing someone I used to love chasing someone else, but this make me stronger than ever.

After 3 month I'm survive to see and know all they do, He came back and give me a final reason. He said sorry. Everyone deserve a second change right? I know it seems give him a second change to hurt me again, but I know what I want. I just do what makes me happy and I'm happy now.

Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

BEAUTY | Purple Red Hair

This is my hair after bleaching it for 3 times and I colored my hair with purple red but it doesn't appear at the first time. When I washed it 2 days later, the colors came out. and this is a result. 
I know this isn't color that I want, but I love it.